Contagion, Warner Brothers

The Dilemma, Univeral

Country Strong, Screen Gems

The Fighter, Paramount

The King's Speech, Momentum Pictures, U.K.

Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer, Lionsgate

For Colored Girls, Tyler Perry Studios

Hop, Universal

Hereafter, Warner Brothers, U.K.

Knucklehead, WWE Films

Hamill, Independent

Iron Man 2, Marvel

Step Up 3D, Disney

Salt, Columbia

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2, Fox

Fame, MGM

The Tooth Fairy, Fox

Whip It!, Lions Gate

Angels and Demons, Sony

The Damned United, Sony, U.K.

Patriots, Weinstein Company

The Ugly Truth, Columbia

An American Carol, Warner Brothers

Bronson, Vertigo Films, U.K.

Tekken, Independent

The Changeling, Universal

Frost/Nixon, Universal

Love N' Dancing, Independent

The Great Debaters, Miramax

Redbelt, Sony Pictures Classics

Semi-Pro, New Line Cinema

The Marc Pease Experience, Paramount

The Eye, Lions Gate

Alvin and the Chipmunks, Fox

Walk Hard, Columbia

Bratz: The Movie, Lions Gate

The Comebacks, Fox

Oceans 13, Warner Brothers

American Gangster, Universal

Blades of Glory, DreamWorks

Spring Breakdown, Warner Brothers

We Are Marshall, Warner Brothers

Forever Strong, Independent

Jump In, Disney Channel

How She Move, Independent

The Prestige, Disney

Spiderman 3, Sony

Rocky Balboa, Sony

Step Up, Disney

Flags of our Fathers, Warner Brothers

Home of the Giants, Independent

Invincible, Disney

Gridiron Gang, Columbia

Stick It, Disney

Four Minutes, ESPN

Peaceful Warrior, Independent

Akeelah and the Bee, Lions Gate

Memoirs of a Geisha, Sony

Where the Truth Lies, Independent

Flight Plan, Disney

Dreamer, DreamWorks

Fever Pitch, Fox

The Longest Yard, Paramount

Herbie, Disney

Glory Road, Disney

Million Dollar Baby, Warner Brothers

Cinderella Man, Universal

Ice Princess, Disney

Lords of Dogtown, Sony

Kicking & Screaming, Universal

Coach Carter, Paramount

After The Sunset, New Line

Dodgeball, Fox

Friday Night Lights, Universal

The Ringer, Fox

The Phantom of the Opera, Warner Brothers, U.K.

Wimbledon, Universal, U.K.

Seabiscuit, Universal

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